Distance study FAQs

Distance study frequently asked questions

1. Are there any exams, assignments or assessments and how are they conducted?

Each subject has a set of assignments which will vary in format – from portfolios of practical teaching activities to discussion board and feedback sheets through to essays and reports. Distance students will not be required to attend formal exams or post assignments. Written assessment tasks are usually emailed to the tutor or submitted online by uploading the file to the elearning site. Assignment details are specified in the subject outline, which students receive in their first week of study.

2. Can I do the whole program by distance/off-campus?

Distance programs require no on campus attendance, although you are more than welcome to visit and talk with our program staff. About half of our students study from locations outside Australia.

3. What contact is there with tutors and other students?

Tutors and subject coordinators for each subject are only an email or phone call away. Tutors often organise chats with students via the online teaching site Moodle. Students communicate with their peers online through discussion boards and forums.

4. How do I apply?

You can download the postgraduate coursework application form, or apply online from the UOW homepage. Once the application is submitted and approved, an offer letter with instructions for enrolling in the program will be emailed to you.

5. When do I enrol in subjects?

Enrol in subjects each session, as you choose to do them. The best time to enrol in around 3-4 weeks prior to the commencement of the session. The distance intakes are Autumn and Spring (with some subjects available in EDU November intake).

6. What subjects should I take and in what order?

Check the Course Handbook listing for your degree. This page will give students a list of required subjects to complete.

7. How long do I have to complete a subject?

Each subject runs over one session equivalent to about 13-14 weeks. Academic consideration is available if students have extenuating circumstances preventing their ability to complete the task on time.

8. Am I given credit for previous study?

Credit or advanced standing may be available for students who have completed similar studies at the relevant level. We recommend you submit all relevant supporting documentation (course information, transcripts, resume) with your initial application so a full assessment can be made. Check with the Faculty for more information about credit options.

9. Is it possible to study a few distance subjects with UOW, even though I at enrolled in a Master of Education at another university?

This is called cross-institutional study; students can complete one or two distance subjects that count towards their degree providing both universities agree. To apply for cross-institutional study, see the forms section of the current students page.

10. What is the difference between the modes of subject delivery – on campus/flexible/distance?

Distance subjects require no on campus attendance and are conducted entirely online. On campus subjects require weekly attendance at the UOW campus at lectures/tutorials. Flexible subjects are a mixture of online and on campus delivery. They usually have some classes scheduled at UOW campus (attendance is compulsory for on campus students, but non-compulsory if you are a distance student. However, distance students can choose to attend some of the classes on campus if they would like to). Flexible classes may be scheduled after 4.30pm on weekdays or on weekends.

11. What library resources are available to distance students?

There is a whole range of resources available to distance students, which vary depending on whether you live in Australia or overseas. For more information on whether you are eligible and the types of resources you may borrow, visit UOW Library Document Delivery.

12. Do I need to do professional experience placements, and if so, when and where do I do them?

Some subjects in Special Education and TESOL programs require professional experience placements. Distance students are required to organise their own placement with support from the school, during normal session times.

13. Do I have to come to Wollongong if I am a distance student?

There is no on campus attendance required for any student enrolled in a distance program.

14. How does online study work?

For each subject, students will be able to access an online learning site called Moodle, through the UOW Student Online System. This site will contain all the information you need to complete your studies: assessment information, course notes, links to readings and learning resources and access to forums and discussions between the tutor and other students.

15. When and how do I get my course materials?

All course materials are available online. When a student enrols in a subject they are given access to an online learning site called Moodle. The Moodle site goes live on the first day of session. On this site students can access all course materials: readings, lecture notes, activities, assessment information, forums and other learning materials.