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Public Health

Help people – millions at a time – through a public health course at UOW

Societies all over the world face huge disease burdens, including chronic disease and lifestyle related conditions such as obesity and diabetes. The prevention of these illnesses, injuries and disabilities is the core business of public health.

Your public health degree will allow you to work with communities and populations to improve health outcomes and contribute to a sustainable community.

Belong to one of the best

  • Exceptional graduate outcomes: The latest QILT Employer Satisfaction Survey ranked employers’ overall satisfaction with UOW graduates at 89.6% (84.3% national average), placing UOW 1st among NSW universities and 2nd nationally among public universities.
  • Number 1 in NSW: The federal government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) ranked UOW in 2020 as best university in New South Wales and the ACT for undergraduate Health Services and Support.
  • One of the best: 2nd in Australia for Health Services and Support (QILT 2019).

Develop the specialist skills that employers want:

All majors offer specialist knowledge and skills that are central to a range of diverse public health positions. Options include Food and Society, Health Promotion, and Epidemiology.

A degree from UOW opens doors: UOW is home to public health researchers who are international leaders in their field. The multidisciplinary approach to learning and teaching at UOW enables a valuable interdisciplinary experience and academic input from public health, statistics, epidemiology, medicine, health promotion, nutrition, law and health services.

Gain hands-on skills

Your degree includes professional experience and opportunities to incorporate workplace-based training so that you can develop your business and professional skills. 


Number 1

UOW postgraduate Health Services and Support was ranked number one in NSW for student support.

The Good Universities Guide 2021

Become one of the world's most employable graduates

There are many avenues of career progression in public health, including in government health departments, health and medical research, community health promotion, environmental health, public service, disease prevention and research.

  • Health promotion officer 
  • Indigenous health officer
  • Environmental health officer
  • Public health nutritionist
  • Public health program coordinator
  • Public health project manager
  • Public health research officer
  • Epidemiologist

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Meet Holly

Public Health provides the opportunity to make improvements in many people’s health and potentially reach people before they require clinical services. The course delivery was flexible, which meant I could balance my study requirements around full-time work and personal responsibilities. Now I have been able to apply the skills and knowledge I learned in my studies in my job, which has given me greater confidence in my work. Holly JonesMaster of Public Health Advanced 2014 Assistant Director, Food and Nutrition Policy, Australian Government Department of Health

Real-world experience

Will studied a Bachelor of Public Health at the University of Wollongong. His passion for Indigenous health and helping disadvantaged communities has led him to his current role as a programs coordinator at Top Blokes Foundation. He found his why at UOW.

Alumni stories

My name is Wil Homer I studied a Bachelor of Public Health and I majored in indigenous health and I studied here at UOW.
Currently I'm the program coordinator at top blokes foundation in Wollongong all the stuff that I covered in my public health degree is pretty applicable to the stuff that we teach you at Top Blokes. I was never a strong public speaker I didn't feel confident in front of crowds and that's pretty much what I do now as a job.
Originally I was going to do engineering but I also have always had a passion for indigenous health I grew up with a Torres Islander family for much much older I saw some of the inequalities that were happening there and always knew that I wanted to assist indigenous people I liked working in public health because I get the opportunity to help disadvantaged communities.

A brighter future starts here

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