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Accommodation Satisfaction Survey - what you told us

In April 2022, we asked you what you thought about living in accommodation. Here's what you had to say, and below is what we are doing with your feedback to improve your residential experience.

You told us...

So we are….

Engaging in partnership with students to address themes from the survey.

  • report for students highlighting the results of the survey has been distributed to students.

  • Communications will go out to residents that participated in the survey inviting them to participate in discussion groups.

  • Outcomes from these discussion groups will be used to inform accommodation about how to best ensure a fulfilling and rewarding residence experience.

  • Updates on progress will be provided to students.

So we are….

Developing an annual scaffold of events for residents.

  • As part of discussion groups, residents will be asked for their perspective of what events would make their experience more fulfilling.

  • Resident Ambassadors will work with the accommodation team and residents to develop and deliver these events.

  • The accommodation team will work with stakeholders across the University to develop events that are linked with existing events.

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So we are….

Exploring the wireless internet infrastructure across residential sites.

  • Student feedback on the wireless network paired with analysis of wireless strength and flagged issues will inform a business case for improvements.

  • An update will be provided to residents as soon as there is progress in improving the infrastructure.

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So we are….

Commencing a review into the maintenance request system.

  • The accommodation team will work with students to identify a more user-friendly maintenance request system.

  • Consultation will occur with internal stakeholders and external providers to identify a more efficient system.




So we are…

Working with existing UOW services and communicating these support services to students.

  • Consultation with these services will occur to identify how they can be integrated into accommodation.

  • Discussions will occur to residents on how to better communicate available support pathways.

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Tell us what you think

We’re working hard to improve the student experience at UOW and welcome your feedback anytime. Share your thoughts using our feedback system where you can submit a comment, compliment, or suggestion.