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Lucy Mentoring Program

Program overview

With COVID-19, how is this program running in 2021?

This program is running face-to-face.

What will I do?

Lucy is an innovative leadership program for female students at the University of Wollongong with long term career aspirations of using their Law Degree either as a practitioner or in other fields such as policy, in-house counsel, advisory roles etc. The key objective of the program is to inspire, motivate and educate women about the opportunities available for career direction and leadership. This is achieved by establishing relationships between individual students and mentors who have achieved success in their professional career. Mentors are drawn from the corporate, public and not-for-profit sectors.

How will I benefit?

The Lucy Mentoring Program will provide you with real experiences to:

  • Help you clarify your career goals and career direction
  • Increase your likelihood of gaining meaningful employment and achieving your highest potential
  • Gain an insight into organisational cultures at senior levels
  • Realise the diversity of opportunities available within the corporate sector and public domain and the personal advantages of achieving job satisfaction
  • Feel inspired to actively engage in decision-making about your future career
  • Provide an opportunity for women to work with and have access to a network of business and professional senior managers  

How do I apply?

Applications for the 2021 program can be made via the Become a Lucy Mentee page. 

Are there any special requirements for this role?

Yes, this program is open to female students in the penultimate or final year of a law degree.  

Training provided

Training includes:

  • Career development
  • Reflective learning
  • Effective communication
  • Networking  

Minimum Requirements for UOWx recognition

To receive UOWx recognition, you must complete the following:

  • An "engaged" student will need to complete a minimum of 35 hours within a
    calendar year.
  • A "highly engaged" student will need to complete a minimum of 60 hours within a
    calendar year.  

Further information

Visit the Lucy Mentoring Program page.

Where? When? Time commitment Type Learning Streams
  • Wollongong
  • Autumn Session
  • Spring Session
  • Summer
  • Winter
2 hours per week (a total of 35 hours over 4 months)
  • Volunteer
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring and Wellbeing