Commencing at university or returning after a leave of absence may feel daunting. UOWready is a non-compulsory, online, four-week university preparedness program to help you build confidence before you start university.

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2021 applications have closed

Thanks for your interest: the program will run again in Summer 2022.

What is UOWready?

UOWready is a non-compulsory, online, four-week university preparedness program.

The program introduces you to some key skills, ideas and people, to give you confidence to start off at UOW. 

Is UOWready for me?

UOWready is recommended to all new or returning students starting at UOW.



You can pick one, two, three, or all four modules.

Academic Literacy module

Referencing, note-taking, purposeful reading, critical thinking, academic writing, researching - these are things you'll be doing a lot of, and it's important to get the hang of how to do them well. (One-hour lecture, two-hour tutorial via Zoom.)

Positive Psychology module

You may be surprised that it's a conscious choice to be positive and mindful, skills you’ll need to stay motivated throughout university and your life. Learn how to find your flow, maintain emotional intelligence and develop your reflective capacity in this positively upbeat module. (Self-paced, online learning.)

Numeracy module

Introduce yourself to concepts of data and how to present them in a report, algebra, Microsoft Excel and numbers. You'll find they come up in many unexpected places at university and you'll definitely need them! (One-hour workshop via Zoom.)

UOW Masterclasses module

Meet current UOW students (your Peer Leaders) who will give you the inside hacks on how to thrive at UOW. From the bare bones you'll need to know from day one (subject outlines, online learning platforms) to the people and services you should be aware of (peer assisted learning, clubs, sports, socialising), and more. (One-hour workshop via Zoom.)