How SSAs help students

How Student Support Advisers Help Students

Some of the things we might be able to help you with include:

  • Advice about who is the best person in your Faculty or in the University to help with your problem
  • Assisting you in dealing with International Student issues eg. adjusting to life in Australia; visas; compliance issues; dealing with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)
  • Understanding how things work in Australia e.g. renting accommodation and insurance problems
  • Information about English language conversation groups and classes
  • Assisting you to have your disability, illness or injury to be taken into account whilst you are studying
  • Providing information and support when you need to find help for financial and legal matters
  • Showing you where to find information about scholarships available at UOW 
  • Referring you to welfare support services or counselling services provided at the university or in the local community
  • Providing information about where to get academic help for your studies
  • Information about the complaints procedures at UOW and where to get support if you wish to lodge a complaint
  • Information about procedures and policies at UOW and some help to negotiate them.


Last reviewed: 4 September, 2018