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Campus Tree Walk

Campus Tree Walk

Campus Tree Walk

Since the 1970s, the UOW campus has been landscaped with indigenous trees and shrubs thanks to the UOW Landscape Master Plan, completed in 1979 and overseen by Landscape Supervisors Leon Fuller and Bruce McKenzie. The policy of planting Australian native species has been maintained by subsequent landscape staff. Together with on-site remnant vegetation, UOW campus forms part of the Keira Green Corridor, linking the vegetation of the escarpment to that of the coastal region.

The original Campus Tree Walk was established in 1995 by the Janet Cosh Herbarium with the support of Campus Environment Management Committee and the Office of Community and Partnerships. There are now two walks, one focusing of Eucalypts and other members of the Myrtaceae family, and one highlighting rainforest species common to the area. It is a self-guided walk and has been developed to highlight the unique species and communities present in the Wollongong, Illawarra and South Coast regions. It provides information on their botanical, historical and cultural significance. Further information about the walks is available from the Herbarium. Tours are conducted upon request.

Download maps and information about the campus tree walks here:

Campus Tree Walk Map - Eucalypts [PDF]

Campus Tree Walk Map - Rainforest [PDF]