VISA Program

Visiting International Scholar Awards (VISA)

The Vice Chancellor’s Visiting International Scholar Awards provided funding to support internationally based, outstanding mid-career researchers to visit UOW for a period of 2 to 6 months to enhance the University’s research performance by:

  • Collaborating on research projects;
  • Building new linkages and connections with high quality international research institutions.

The Scheme operated for the years 2015, 2016 and 2017.



Bhashkar Mazumder (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, USA)
Project title: Understanding Intergenerational Mobility in Socioeconomic Status
UOW Nominator/s: Dr Alfredo Paloyo & Dr Silvia Mendolia (Faculty of Business)

Dr Catalina Curceanu (National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Italy)
Project title: Detector systems for high precision spectroscopy in fundamental physics research and radiation medicine - Desy
UOW Nominator: A/Prof Michael Lerch (Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences)

Professor Piotr Rybka (Warsaw University, Poland)
Project title: Analysis of Sixth Order Nonlinear Differential Equations arising in Applied Science
UOW Nominator: Dr Glen Wheeler (Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences)

Professor Chris Skinner (London School of Economics & Political Science, UK)
Project title: Advancing the Frontiers in Social Statistics Methodology at UOW
UOW Nominator: Professor David Steel (Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences)

Professor Adrian Parker (Oxford Brookes University, UK)
Project title: Palaeoenvironments and Geoarchaeology of Outback Australia
UOW Nominator: Distinguished Prof Richard 'Bert' Roberts (Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health)

Professor Yang Zhang (North Carolina State University, USA)
Project title: Simulating Air Quality and its interactions with climate over Southeastern Australia using an Advanced Online-Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Model
UOW Nominator: Associate Professor Clare Murphy (Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health)

Professor Rebecca Eynon (University of Oxford, UK)
Project title: Investigating digital inclusion through early year education
UOW Nominator: Professor Sue Bennett (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Professor Terry Hartig (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Project title: Psychological restoration: Describing pathways from engagement with the natural world to human capacity development and health
UOW Nominator/s: Associate Professor Thomas Astell-Burt & Dr Xiaoqi Feng (Faculty of Social Sciences)


Professor Hua Zhang (Nayang Technological University, Singapore)
Project title: Volume production of high quality pristine graphene, ultrathin 2D metal oxide nanosheets, and 2D metal discalcogenides
UOW Nominator: Distinguished Professor Shi Xue Dou (Australian Institute of Innovative Materials)

Professor Moeness Amin (Villanova University, USA)
Project title: Distributed computations and classifications in urban and in-home radar networks
UOW Nominator: Professor Salim Bouzerdoum (Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences)

Professor Tao He (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Science, China)
Project title: Novel forward osmosis and membrane distillation materials for sewer mining
UOW Nominator: Professor Long Nghiem (Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences)

Professor Weijia Wen (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong)
Project title: Development of an innovative microfluidic platform for biological applications
UOW Nominator: Professor Weihua Liu (Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences)

Associate Professor Edwin Jager (Linkoping University, Sweden)
Project title: Printed Artificial Muscles
UOW Nominator: Professor Geoff Spinks (Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences / Australian Institute of Innovative Materials)

Dr Tom Froese (National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico)
Project title: New approaches to the cognitive archaeology of the symbolic mind
UOW Nominator: Professor Daniel Hutto (Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts)

Dr Dilys Freeman (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom)
Project title: Docosahexaenoic acid metabolism in healthy pregnancy & in preeclampsia
UOW Nominator: Associate Professor Barbara Meyer (Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health)

Dr Abigail Fisher (University College London, UK)
Project title: Active schools: Examining associations between the indoor build environment, pedagogy and classroom activity levels
UOW Nominator: Dr Anne-Marie Parrish (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Dr Harriet Hawkins (University of London, UK)
Project title: Creative Earth Futures: “Making” other environmental futures possible
UOW Nominator: Professor Chris Gibson (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Professor Jian-Fei Chen (Queen's University Belfast, UK)
Project title: FRP strengthening of bridges for improved resilience under extreme loading
UOW Nominator: Dr Tao Yu (Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences)


Kent Hale Smith Professor Liming Dai (Case Western Reserve University, USA)
Project title: Extend UOW's energy storage program in the area of Li ion battery research
UOW Nominator: Distinguished Prof Hua Kun Liu (Australian Institute of Innovative Materials)

Associate Professor Michael Evans (University of Maryland, USA)
Project title: HDR student masterclass in quantitative data analysis: Understanding atmospheric, oceanographic, and long-term climate interactions
UOW Nominator: Dr Helen McGregor (Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health)

Professor Yong-Cheng Lin (Central South University, China)
Project title: Develop a new process to manufacture nickel-based superalloys
UOW Nominator: Professor Kiet Tieu (Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences)

Associate Professor Michael Beets (University of South Carolina, USA)
Project title: Promoting healthy eating and physical activity in after school settings in disadvantaged communities
UOW Nominator: Professor Tony Okely (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Professor Colin Green (Lancaster University, UK)
Project title: Socioeconomic effects of early exposure to alcohol, alcohol availability and regulation
UOW Nominator: Associate Professor Peter Siminski (Faculty of Business)

Dr Tavis Potts (University of Aberdeen, UK)
Project title: The emergence and significance of coastal low carbon economics in mitigating and adapting to climate
UOW Nominator: Professor Clive Schofield (Faculty Law, Humanities and the Arts)

Dr Anshuman Mondal (Brunel University London, UK)
Project title: A new ethics of dialogue across difference: exploring listening and reading as forms of ethical response to others
UOW Nominator: Dr Tanja Dreher (Faculty Law, Humanities and the Arts)

Professor Romuald Lepers (University of Burgundy, France)
Project title: Investigate the cortical contributions to the coordination of posture and movement, evaluate motor deficits post stroke and corticospinal changes with eccentric exercise
UOW Nominator: Associate Professor Paul Stapley (Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health)

Professor Kevin Mark Hannam (Leeds Beckett University, UK)
Project title: Develop and enhance collaborative research opportunities in AUSCCER by embedding new theoretical and methodological approaches
UOW Nominator: Professor Gordon Waitt (Faculty Social Sciences)

Last reviewed: 3 May, 2018