Access and use

The EMC provides its users with the materials characterisation results needed for their research projects.

EMC staff work with users on a case-by-case basis to assess the scope, duration and technical complexity of the task at hand and tailor user access and training to suit the individual and/or research projects.

After completing the induction and registration process, users may contact individual staff members by email to arrange for training/access to the microscopes and their correlated ancillary sample preparation equipment.

Each new user/research project will be assessed by the staff member(s) responsible for particular microscopes and a decision will be made: (i) whether to train the new user for an independent user licence on a microscope and its correlated sample preparation equipment or, (ii) whether it is more time and cost effective for the work to be conducted by the EMC staff on the user's behalf. In this manner, through combinations of collaboration and assistance from EMC staff, users can make the most efficient use of their sample preparation and microscope beam -times and be assured of high quality research outputs.

New users will only be trained for an independent licence when they demonstrate a clear need for more than 8 hours of data collection on the JEOL JSM-6490LA or 16 hours of data collection on the JEOL JEM-2011, the JEOL JEM-F200, the JEOL JSM-7001F and the JEOL JSM-7500FA. Access to the JEOL JEM-ARM200F is currently fully supported by Dr David Mitchell and Dr Lachlan Smillie.

Equipment Booking

AC lab booking system

Charges for use

  • The use of microscopes and the specimen preparation laboratories are charged at competitive rates.

Our specialist staff for each of the instruments

  • JEOL JEM-ARM200F: Dr David Mitchell and Dr Lachlan Smillie.
  • JEOL JEM F200: Dr Lachlan Smillie, Dr David Mitchell and Dr Qiang Zhu
  • JEOL JEM-2011: Dr Qiang Zhu, Dr Lachlan Smillie, Dr David Mitchell and Dr David Wexler.
  • JEOL JSM-7001F: Dr Azdiar Gazder and Dr Qiang Zhu.
  • JEOL JSM-7500FA: Dr Qiang Zhu and Dr Mitchell Nancarrow.
  • JEOL JSM-6490LA: Dr Mitchell Nancarrow and Dr Qiang Zhu.
  • FEI NanoLab G3 CX: Dr Mitchell Nancarrow, Dr Qiang Zhu and Dr Azdiar Gazder.
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Contact us

  • Enquiries about the results of personalised needs assessments and for information on accessing instruments, charging arrangements or establishing collaborative or commercial projects: contact Professor Elena Pereloma, Director, UOW Electron Microscopy Centre.

Acknowledge us

  • As part of the terms and conditions of use of the EMC, all users, supervisors and project leaders are requested to acknowledge the use of particular facilities in all their written communications and oral presentations.
  • All supervisors/project leaders using EMC facilities and staff are requested to email a complete list of their publications to Professor Elena Pereloma, Director, EMC at the end of each calendar year.