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Data Analytic and IoT Workshop

Data Analytic and IoT Workshop

On Wednesday, 22 and Thursday, 23 November, 2023 the Steel Research Hub hosted a Data Analytic and IoT Workshop in the SMART Building at the University of Wollongong (UOW).

The workshop presenters consisted of the Steel Research Hub’s Chief Investigators Professor Claude Sammut (UNSW) and Professor Dimitrios Georgakopoulos (SUT), Research Fellows Dr Abhik Banerjee (SUT) and German Castro (UNSW), and Josip Karabotic Milovac (SUT).

The topics covered included:

  • Overview of technologies for manufacturing data collection (from SCADA software to IoT platforms
  • Overview of supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning
    • Rule/logic based
    • Statistical/Bayesian
    • ANNs
    • Evaluating ML models
  • Predicting production outcomes and prediction-based recommendation and automation
  • Use cases of improving production efficiency, product quality, and preventive maintenance
  • Managing production knowledge and digital twins of machines, materials and products, and people in production
  • Case Studies
  • Use case of BF stave heat loads
  • Predictive analytics for Digital Manufacturing
  • New products on the plate Mill

The workshop was well received from the 30 participants. The participants were a combination of academic and Industry partners affiliated with the Hub.

The Steel Hub is excited about running another workshop in 2024.