Huijun Li in the FIF lab, looking at equipment

Senior Professor Huijun Li named top researcher for Metallurgy

Senior Professor Huijun Li named top researcher for Metallurgy

One of the Steel Research Hub’s Chief Investigator’s, Senior Professor Huijun Li has recently been identified as Australia’s best researcher in the field of metallurgy by The Australian Research 2023 magazine.

This is a great achievement for Senior Professor Li, who was also recently promoted here at the University of Wollongong (UOW). 
Senior Professor Li has over 26 years’ research experience in materials science and engineering. He has published 7 book chapters and more than 500 papers over his career in the field of welding metallurgy, additive manufacturing, alloy development, surface engineering, nuclear materials, and microstructure characterisation.

Within the Steel Research Hub, Senior Professor Li serves as Chief Investigator on a PhD led project (Durga Tandon), in a collaboration between UOW (including Em. Professor John Norrish and Professor Zengxi Pan) and industry Partner Bisalloy Steel (Dr Dake Yu and Dr Willy Peng). The project entitled, ‘Addictive manufacturing of welded overlay’, is part of the Hub’s (Program 2), and investigates automated additive wire arc manufacturing, to create multilayer hard-facing specialty steels with improved performance. For steel consumers, the benefit of this research, is a product with improved performance, while also having the potential to reduce maintenance, repair, and operational costs via prolonged service life.

The Steel Research Hub congratulates Senior Professor Li on his recent accomplishments and his leading contribution to metallurgy research in Australia. The Hub is proud to be working with some of the most preeminent academics and researchers, in supporting the transition of Australia’s steel manufacturing industry, to a more sustainable and globally competitive position.