UOW students at graduation smoking ceremony

Message to students

Message to students

Dear students, I wanted to start today’s message with a quote from our new Prime Minister’s acceptance speech on Saturday night.

"My fellow Australians, it says a lot about our great country that a son of a single mum who was a disability pensioner, who grew up in public housing down the road in Camperdown can stand before you tonight as Australia's prime minister. Every parent wants more for the next generation than they had. My mother dreamt of a better life for me. And I hope that my journey in life inspires Australians to reach for the stars. I want Australia to continue to be a country that no matter where you live, who you worship, who you love or what your last name is, that places no restrictions on your journey in life.”

No matter what side of politics you are on, we can all agree that Anthony Albanese’s journey is a wonderful testament to the promise of education and hard work in our country. At the University of Wollongong, we want to create opportunities for all. Equality, diversity and varied experience make our campuses a richer place to learn. Everyone should feel welcome. Everyone should feel encouraged. And everyone should be able to reach for their own set of stars.

I’d also like to make special mention of the wonderful team at @UOWTV – all volunteer journalism students – who did a stellar job with their extensive election coverage over the weekend, producing 9 hours of content across 3 of our local electorates. Well done team!

National Reconciliation Week 2022

From Friday 27 May – 3 June, it is National Reconciliation Week. This year’s theme, ‘Be Brave. Make Change’, challenges all Australians - individuals, families, communities, organisations and government—to Be Brave and tackle the unfinished business of reconciliation so we can Make Change for the benefit of all Australians. This is an important message to us as a University community, and I encourage you all to be brave and to continue contributing to achieving reconciliation. We will be hosting a range of events across our campuses for you to attend; register here.

Laneways Live Festival – Wollongong CBD

From Thursday this week, Wollongong will be buzzing with the FREE Laneways Live Festival. Organised by Wollongong City Council - in partnership with Yours and Owls - and funded by the NSW Government, activities include bands, DJs, mural art, markets, and outdoor dining. Sounds like a cheap and fantastic way to spend the weekend with friends!

No place for racism

I have been troubled by some posters depicting racism and discrimination on our Wollongong campus.  These were quickly identified and removed but I am disturbed by these sentiments and assure you this will not be tolerated.  My sincere apologies for any distress experienced.

The year continues to gallop along and I hope you enjoy your remaining classes for the week and that you have a fun-filled weekend ahead.

My best,