Molecular Horizons

Molecular Horizons: a centre for Molecular and Life Sciences

Understanding life, one molecule at a time 

The molecular life sciences are at the forefront of scientific discovery, unlocking the innermost secrets of the cell and developing new ways to detect and attack disease. If cancer is to be cured, new classes of antibiotics developed, and Alzheimer’s disease reversed it will most likely be biochemists and molecular biologists powering these breakthroughs.

UOW’s new $80 million research facility, Molecular Horizons will be dedicated to making this happen – illuminating how life works at a molecular level and solving some of the biggest health challenges facing the world.

To enable this world-leading research UOW is investing in a suite of revolutionary technology including Australia’s most powerful biological electron microscope, the Titan Krios cryo-EM microscope. The Molecular Horizons Building demonstrates UOW’s commitment to impact-driven research where the world’s best molecular research will be put into practice to improve and save lives.