Upgraded Electric Vehicle charging station at UOW Innovation Campus

Super-fast EV chargers coming to UOW

Super-fast EV chargers coming to UOW

The University will soon become the fast-charging gateway to the Illawarra with a $450k NSW Government grant

Living up to its promise of being the centre of sustainable solutions, the University of Wollongong (UOW) has secured a $450,000 grant from the NSW Government to install cutting-edge super-fast electric vehicle (EV) chargers on campus. The announcement, made as part of the NSW Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Infrastructure Master Plan, positions UOW as a crucial player in the state's efforts to create an EV Super-Highway and boost the region’s transition to zero-emissions vehicles.

With the support of this grant, UOW plans to install three super-fast DC chargers, including two ABB Terra 360kW and one ABB Terra 180kW units, within the P8 (Unicentre) carpark. The chargers will be available to the public, further solidifying UOW's commitment to environmental stewardship. They are also set to revolutionise the local EV charging landscape, offering a full charge in just 20 minutes while utilising 100 per cent renewable energy.

Commenting on the development, Adam Malouf, UOW’s Chief Operating Officer and Vice-President (Operations), expressed enthusiasm for the University's role as a fast-charging gateway to the Illawarra.

“This investment is a testament to UOW's significant and continuing commitment to sustainability and innovation. The installation of these super-fast chargers will not only benefit our campus community but will also serve as a crucial resource for the broader public, contributing to the growth of electric vehicle adoption in the region,” Mr Malouf said.

This initiative aligns with the NSW Government's objective of facilitating easy access for commuters travelling both north and southbound on the Princes Motorway.

Dr Clayton McDowell, UOW’s Associate Director of Sustainability and Deputy Director of the Centre for Supply Chain Research, is managing the project on behalf of the UOW Facilities Management Division.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of this green revolution. The strategic location of our fast-charging site, less than 300m from the Princes Motorway, positions UOW as a pivotal hub in the development of the NSW EV Super-Highway,” said Dr McDowell.

The University aims to have the grant-funded chargers operational by December next year, marking a significant milestone in the region's transition to zero-emission vehicles.

In addition to this significant announcement, UOW has also had a new 180kW Ingeteam EV charger installed recently at the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC) on UOW Innovation Campus. This charger increases the existing capacity of the previous 50kW EV charger installed at this location and includes updates to the charging connection types to suit the more modern electric vehicles. Although primarily installed for UOW fleet vehicles and research projects, this charger has been well utilised by the general public when available.

“I am excited to see the impact of this initiative on our local community and the broader Illawarra region. All the available EV chargers will not only enhance the convenience for EV drivers but will also contribute to ongoing research and education on energy grid management,” Dr McDowell added.

Through UOW’s Australian Power Quality Research Centre, the new EV chargers will facilitate new opportunities for students and researchers to continue their contribution to the future management of the energy grid by exploring charging behaviours and how EVs will continue to shape the electricity grid. This knowledge can also be translated into the recently announced ARC Training Centre in Energy Technologies for Future Grids, and the Energy Futures Skills Centre launched in early 2023, both of which seek to build the skills and capabilities needed for Australia’s transition to a clean energy future, as EVs will form a large component of this process.