Is AI your friend or is it stealing your job?

Is AI your friend or is it stealing your job?

Upcoming Gong Talks event will delve into the rise of artificial intelligence and impacts in the workplace

Leading University of Wollongong (UOW) experts will come together on Tuesday 11 July to delve into the rapidly growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems and explore its impact in the workplace.

The Illawarra community is invited to join Dr Armin Alimardani, Dr Roba Abbas, Dr Aaron Burton and Dr Jack Yang, as they share their varied AI journeys and help us determine if we are facing friend or foe. The evening will include a panel discussion and Q&A moderated by UOW Local Manager Tania Brown.

Dr Alimardani is a Lecturer in the School of Law and an expert in the ethical and legal implications of emerging technologies. He said Gong Talks will provide a platform for a crucial conversation about our future.

“AI is not just a trend, it's an inevitability that will profoundly reshape the landscape of employment,” Dr Alimardani said.

“UOW’s Gong Talks initiative creates an open space for dialogue that empowers individuals, communities, and industries to engage in this transformative process.

“As we move into an era where AI is becoming more integrated into every aspect of our lives, it's vital that we understand both the opportunities and the challenges it presents.

“While AI has the potential to improve efficiency and productivity, it also raises valid concerns about job displacement. This is a pivotal moment in our history where the choices we make will determine the trajectory of our future workforce.”

UOW Local Manager Tania Brown said the upcoming Gong Talks is a free event that provides an opportunity to bring local community together with UOW experts to discuss an issue that’s never been more relevant.

“UOW is an anchor institution in the Illawarra and through this UOW Local event we’re enabling the community to be part of the conversation shaping the future of AI in the workplace,” Ms Brown said.

More information about the event

This free event is presented in collaboration with The Music Lounge on Tuesday 11 July 2023 at 7pm. Guests must register for the event here:

This Gong Talk is supported by the Telstra UOW Hub for AIoT Solutions. Its mission is to carry out world-leading research into and development of AIoT technologies by delivering innovative, cost-effective and fit-for-purpose AIoT solutions for communities, enterprises and governments. By nurturing an ecosystem that attracts and retains skilled professionals, the hub aims to enhance the adoption of AIoT technologies in the Illawarra.