“I carry my identity in every space at UOW”

“I carry my identity in every space at UOW”

Aurora Green on gender, sex and sexuality diverse inclusion at UOW

The University of Wollongong (UOW) Student Advisory Council (SAC) was formed in May 2018 to provide the University of Wollongong greater ability to hear and respond to the wider student voice.

Aurora Green, a Bachelor of Social Work student at UOW, is the SAC’s LGBTIQ+ representative, and explained that representing her community within UOW is crucial.

“I was really passionate about getting involved with the SAC because of my experiences as a transwoman. I started my transition in a small country town, and as such, many discussions were needed to encourage mature consideration of myself and the LGBTIQ+ community more broadly,” she said.

Ms Green said she joined the SAC to share her own experience in an educational way, and give a voice to students who are gender, sex, and sexuality diverse.

“I carry my identity into every space at UOW I involve myself in, and often find conversations where considering the LGBTIQ+ Community is important, but not always in an obvious way,” she said.

“Without someone voicing their LGBTIQ+ experience, this can potentially create blind spots affecting far too many students and create unnecessary challenges that complicate LGBTIQ+ student’s wellbeing.

It is so important for me to have my voice heard - to know that I’m playing some part in encouraging UOW to address potential challenges for LGBTIQ+ students, while commemorating LGBTIQ+ identities.”

UOW has received consistent recognition over the past three years for its commitment to inclusion and diversity as an institution.

Ms Green hopes to see the evolution of LGBTIQ+ presence and visibility throughout the university over the coming years.

“I hope to see greater student involvement in UOW activities that commemorate pride in being LGBTIQ+ to enhance student wellbeing. Hopefully as a student or graduate, I get to see greater visibility of LGBTIQ+ students taking an active role themselves to facilitate inclusion and continued progress at UOW.”