Jennifer Atchison and Hugh Forehead

Study aims to improve green spaces in Liverpool

Study aims to improve green spaces in Liverpool

Researchers want to understand how people use green spaces in the Liverpool CBD

A study by researchers from the University of Wollongong is looking at ways people use green spaces in the Liverpool CBD.

The researchers hope their study will help Liverpool City Council urban planners better accommodate increased development and population growth. They are seeking people who live, visit and work in Liverpool to take part in an online survey.

Dr Jennifer Atchison, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Geography and Sustainable Communities, has joined forces with Dr Hugh Forehead, a Research Fellow at the SMART Infrastructure Facility. Together they want to find out what makes cities more liveable.

“Last year Liverpool had the worst air quality in the country, and it’s getting worse. The city is surrounded by major arterial roads and sits at the base of the Sydney basin. We know the community is concerned,” Dr Forehead said.

“Add to this fact there are a multitude of hard surfaces in Liverpool which can get incredibly hot in summer, and the need for well thought out, green urban spaces is clear.”

Participants in the online survey will answer questions about how they use and move through Liverpool, and how they experience green spaces including parks, gardens, street trees and ovals. The researchers are also interested in how people think these spaces could be improved.

Dr Atchison hopes the results of the survey will help urban planners design and build the most cost effective, user friendly and environmentally sound public spaces possible.

“The science tells us that we need more tress in urban areas but if we are going to have more trees we have to be aware that there are risks and there are costs.

“For example, on really windy days there is debris and potential damage, some trees can lift pavements or get into pipes, so there are lots of things to consider.

“But we really need the input of people who visit, live and work in Liverpool to help us understand how they use green spaces. The information will help us understand what makes the city liveable and what would improve it.”

The online survey takes about 20 minutes to complete and participants will go into a draw to win one of two $500 Coles gift vouchers.


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Dr Atchison is available for interview via the UOW Media Office, contact details below. High resolution images of Dr Atchison and Dr Forehead are available for download from Dropbox.