Young Bega woman’s plan to teach aided by scholarship

Young Bega woman’s plan to teach aided by scholarship

Former Bega High School student and current University of Wollongong Arts student, Hollie Russell, has aspirations of becoming a primary school teacher in her local community.

Those aspirations have been given a boost with Hollie being awarded a University of Wollongong Alumni Bookshop scholarship. There are two scholarships available each year at $2,000 per scholar. The total value for each scholar is $6,000 over three years.

The scholarship is provided through the Alumni Campus Chapter which is a group of hardworking volunteers who operate the Alumni Bookshop and raise money for scholarships and prizes for the students at UOW. 

“The alumni scholarship means the hard work has really paid off, especially from my family who have supported me from the beginning,” Hollie said.

“This scholarship is not just about receiving money  – it tells me that I am seen as having potential for the future of our society. The scholarship for me is not the end of completing my first undergraduate degree but the beginning of numerous opportunities.”

As Hollie did not have a gap year between high school and university allowing her to save money, she has had to juggle casual employment and university work which has proven difficult.

“While I am glad work has taught me to understand the value of money, this scholarship will be beneficial in allowing me to focus predominantly on my study.

Hollie, 20, is now in the last year of her undergraduate degree and intends to undertake a Masters degree in Education ahead of becoming a primary school teacher.