Cold Formed Steel

This project brings together experts from the engineering, business and social science fields to determine the feasibility of innovative steel connections that could change the construction industry and be a potential solution to the housing shortage problems in Australian cities.

Cold-formed steel (CFS) based construction has been shown to have time and cost advantages over conventional reinforced concrete based mid-rise construction. Currently, UOW is working towards the development of a form of snap-fit connection, which allows quick connection and disconnection of walls and floor components. 

After several iterations facilitated by numerical simulation and 3D printing, two designs were selected for prototyping using 3D printed Titanium. The business case of the proposed connection was established by visiting several fabricators of cold-formed steel components. Occupational health and safety considerations were built into the design iteration process. The developed snap-fit type connections can one day make the CFS based construction process faster,cheaper and safer.

The Team

  • Dr. Aziz Ahmed (EIS) is an Associate Research Fellow. He is also an early career researcher with expertise in finite element simulation of structural problems.
  • Dr. Lip Teh (EIS) is an Associate Professor, with real world experience and research expertise in steel structures and connections. A number of his research works have directly and uniquely lead to design clauses in major international steel specifications.
  • Dr. Tillmann Boehme (BAL) is senior lecturer with the Faculty of Business and Law, and an expert supply chain analyst. He hasconducted applied research to a vast range of industry in Australia, and overseas.
  • Mr. Alberto Escribano (Msc, MMgt) is a research fellow at the sustainable building research center (SBRC) and an expert in business process, and construction management. He has developed new commercial enterprises for multinational construction, real estate and manufacturing industries. 
  • Dr. Vinod Gopaldasani (ASSH) is a lecturer and the academic program director for workplace health and safety. He is an industrial epidemiologist with research experience in the mining and construction industry.
  • Ms Leanne Treadwell (ASSH) is a lecturer and a chemical engineer with 35 years of experience in risk and safety in the steel industry. Leanne is pursuing her PhD degree in School of Health and Safety at UOW.


This project is working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure   Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.  Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals