Person's hands holds a medical surging and testtube

Luminaries: Hepatitis C - A Public Health Success Story

Explore the pivotal role of policy in driving public health strategies to combat Hepatitis C, fostering sustainable solutions for global health challenges.

We will reflect on the challenges and opportunities inherent in the global response to Hepatitis C, identifying pathways for continued progress and innovation.

Hepatitis C, a blood-borne virus, poses significant health risks, including liver disease and cancer. Despite advancements, a substantial number of individuals globally continue to grapple with chronic Hepatitis C, underlining the ongoing imperative for vigilance and action.

Join our esteemed panel, including Dr Nick Walsh, Dr Joshua M. Sharfstein, Professor David Currow, and Scientia Professor Gregory Dore, as they lead us through this enlightening discourse.

Moderated by Professor Patricia M. Davidson, this conversation-style webinar will engage participants in dynamic dialogue, with each panelist sharing insights and expertise.

Don't miss this opportunity to unravel the narrative of Hepatitis C, celebrate milestones in public health, and chart a course for a healthier tomorrow. Reserve your seat now and embark on this enlightening journey toward a brighter future. 

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