artwork for 3rd year BPA production, FRACTURED shows a clothed human body separated into pieces at the main joints


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    Recurs every day until Saturday 8th Jun 2024
  • Wollongong Campus
    Building 29 Theatre G02
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Kill, Glass and Bluebeard’s Friends

Written by

Caryl Churchhill

48 Degrees (and Rising)

Devised by

Linda Luke and Third Year Cast


FRACTURED is a collection of four short punchy plays harnessing the guts of tragedy. In the three plays by the celebrated Caryl Churchill; Kill - Glass - Bluebeard, Churchill explores loss, love, murder and the fragility of the human heart. As in many of Churchill plays there is an undercurrent of the dark fairy-tale: Kill is told by ‘the gods’ who berate and browbeat us lowly mortals in our insatiable thirst for revenge and killing. Glass brings a girl so fragile she is made of glass. Churchill uses the famous tale of Bluebeard (the man who murders his wives in his mansion) giving it a contemporary polish by focussing on Bluebeard’s mates. 48 Degrees is a dystopian horror, in which we are living in the year 2,194 and the planet is so hot it is drying out and shrivelling up. 48 is a haunting tale of survival and sacrifice.