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Wollongong Climate Change Mitigation Plan: Consultation

  • All Day
  • Online

Wollongong’s Climate Change Mitigation Plan maps the pathway of how together we can transition to a low carbon community and achieve our Net Zero emissions target.

Climate change mitigation is a dynamic space with rapidly evolving technology, and so our approach to reducing emissions needs to be adaptive.

That’s why the pathway consists of a series of documents that are updated throughout our journey to Net Zero emissions.

Each Plan sets out actions and builds on progress made previously to help the community and Council reduce emissions.

We invite your feedback on the draft Plan 2023 - 2030 to further refine it for adoption by Council. 

Please note: This is not an in person event, Wollongong Council's Mitigation Plan is on exhibition on the council website, for your opportunity to review and provide feedback to council. 

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