Practical Interview preparation & practice for International Students

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  • UOW Wollongong, Main Campus, 24.G01
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All international students, we are holding a practical interview and preparation workshop specifically for you! You must be enrolled in this program to be eligible to join this workshop.

Join Annette and Jenny for a face-to-face practical workshop where you get to practice your interview skills in a supportive environment. Ensure you have completed the online workshop prior to attending this session and spend some time preparing answers to these questions to be discussed during the workshop:

  • Tell me a little bit about yourself?
  • What is one area you need to develop?
  • This job will be fast paced and will have competing demands. Tell me about a time you have been in this type of situation and how you dealt with it?

We will help you practice with mock interviews, provide you with feedback and help you refine your answers. Don’t be afraid to have a go – this is the best way to prepare yourself for an interview!