Girl sitting at a desk holding a pen in one hand and has her head stumped on an open book and writing paper.

On the Write Track

This workshop provides an opportunity for researchers from around the university to hear about the failures of some of UOW’s most successful writers, and importantly, for the sharing of strategies to overcome challenges all within a supportive and casual environment.

There will be three themes discussed at the workshop, namely:

  • Overcoming Writer's Block (and Finding your Writing Mojo)
  • Navigating Writing Hurdles: How to Write More Efficiently and Productively
  • Dealing with Rejection and Implementing Feedback 

Our presenters have willingly volunteered to discuss their failures and share their experiences with us, to help us accept that failures and struggles are normal, and to celebrate our ability to persist and overcome challenges. 

Speakers on the day include: 

  • Associate Professor Corinne Cortese, Associate Dean of Higher Degree Research in the Faculty of Business and Law
  • Professor Liz Halcomb, Professor of Primary Health Care Nursing, and Head of Postgraduate Studies in the School of Nursing
  • Professor Peter Caputi, from the School of Psychology
  • Senior Professor Roger Lewis, Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
  • Associate Professor Shoshana Dreyfus, from the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry
  • Associate Professor Todd Mitchell, Associate Head of the School (HDR) of Medical, Indigenous and Health Sciences