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Luminaries: Unlocking the power of diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Join us for a live conversation that explores emerging research that sheds light on the challenges and benefits of embracing diverse perspectives in the workplace. Our panel, moderated by Professor Patricia M. Davidson, will discuss practical solutions on fostering inclusion and a sense of belonging in the workplace.


  • Professor Grace McCarthy, a leading expert in coaching and leadership, Professor McCarthy provides invaluable perspectives on the impact of diversity on organisational success.
  • Jessica Smith OAM is a leading international advocate for diversity and inclusion, disability awareness, and positive body image. She combines personal experience with academic research to deliver genuine social impact.
  • Anthony Scerri, a Social Inclusion Advisor, Anthony shares insights in to the practical implementation of inclusion initiatives.
  • Nyssa Murray is a a Dunghutti woman from Kempsey and was born and raised on Dharawal country. Nyssa has extensive experience in recruitment and is a HDR candidate. Nyssa's research focuses on improving cultural diversity in corporate Australia. 

When: Thursday 16 November, 4-5 pm ADT
Where: Online via Zoom - Zoom link to join the webinar will be emailed after registration

Luminaries brings together leading UOW researchers, industry experts and thought leaders for a one-hour conversation every fortnight.

Join us online for this interdisciplinary series and discover how research and collaboration is tackling global social, environmental and economic challenges. The webinar series is free and open to the public.