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The Thirty-Nine and a Half Stages of Being in a Relationship

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    Recurs every day until Saturday 19th Nov 2022
  • Wollongong Campus
    Building 29 Theatre G04

Byron Davis presents an extraordinary, awe-inspiring new romantic drama entitled The Thirty-Nine and a Half Stages of Being in a Relationship. This writing has come from Byron Davis’s rich personal experiences of life and loss and he has now brought it to the stage for the very first time. Across three unmissable nights, 2022 Merrigong Performance Award winner® Byron Davis will share with you the perfect way to sustain a relationship and explore thought-provoking questions that nobody else dares to ask.

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Written by: Byron Davis with additional material by the cast

Director: Byron Davis

Cast: Patrick Ferrer, Michelle Fry, Domenic Hort, Brooke Salisbury, Daniel Simpson and Angel Sunil

Production and Stage Manager: Tod Johnston

Sound Design: Byron Davis

Lighting Designer: Zachary Hanlon

AV Operator: Michael Ianni

Supervisor: Linda Luke

Warnings: Use of explicit language, partial nudity and sexual themes.