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    Recurs every day until Saturday 23rd Jul 2022
  • Wollongong Campus
    Building 29 Theatre G04
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Title of Show: Grandma

Written and Devised by: William Phillips
Director: William Phillips
Assistant Director/Dramaturg: Chelsea George
Cast: CJ Moussa, Kate Walker, Kaitlin Walsh, Chelsea George
Stage Manager: Justice Georgopolous
Lighting Design: Darcy Catto-Pitkin

Grandma is an exploration of how we, as human beings, learn to deal with grief, loss and memory, dealing specifically with the intergenerational impacts of death and how children learn to process this significant and inevitable phase of life. Grandma draws from the director’s personal experiences to reflect upon how this major life event can teach us about the shared experience of grievin.

Title of Show: The Project

Written and Devised by: Tori-Lee Featon
Director: Tori-Lee Featon
Assistant Director: Amy Crean
Cast: Charlotte Dickinson, Clemence Le Sayec, Jessica Romeo
Stage Manager: Darcy Catto-Pitkin
Lighting Design: Darcy Catto-Pitkin

The Project is a piece of feminist theatre inspired by the weird and funny interactions women and female presenting individuals have with men. The stories told in the work have been anonymously collected by our creative team. The Project hopes to start a conversation around sexual harassment, sexual assault and the sexual health of female presenting people.

Title of Show: Hello, Goodbye

Written and Devised by: Ruby Ballantyne
Director: Ruby Ballantyne
Dramaturg: Cooper Dawson
Cast: Noah Lattanzio, Andrew Lewis, Miguel Cullen-Green, Amy Scammell, Finn Allenby, Jarrah Carlile, Cooper Dawson
Stage Manager: Maya Ascaino
Lighting Design: Darcy Catto-Pitkin

Hello, Goodbye is an interactive murder mystery the audience can walk through and try and solve. 6 friends, having drifted apart since university, reunite for a dinner party just like they always used to have, but the evening takes a dark turn. Will they rekindle old friendships? Or discover that people often change, and not for the better…