Linked Sensitive Data – a Beginners Guide diagram

Linked Sensitive Data – a Beginners Guide

Many of our life experiences, from the moment we are born until our death generate data that is collected and used for a range of purposes. For example, information is routinely collected when you go to school, visit a hospital, when you get married or when you have a baby. This data is collected by different organisations. This data is sensitive and if brought together (linked) can be a valuable tool for research. This presentation will include examples of linked data used for research, how data is routinely linked in Australia and how to access linked sensitive data.

Presenter: Dr Felicity Flack is the Manager, Policy and Client Services for Australia’s national data linkage infrastructure, the Population Health Research Network. She has extensive experience in the development, coordination and operation of national data linkage systems particularly the navigation of cross-jurisdictional legislative, policy and ethical issues. She also has many years of experience in research ethics including working as a research ethics manager as well as being a member and Chair of a human research ethics committee. Felicity is a Churchill Fellow.

A joint presentation of the Data & Decision Science Network & the Illawarra Shoalhaven Epidemiology & Biostatistics Network.