Information for supervisors and managers

Injury management is about ensuring the prompt, safe and durable return to work of an injured worker.

As an injured employee's supervisor it is your responsibility is to:

  • Ensure that the injured employee receives, or is referred to, first aid &/or medical assessment, as appropriate for the injury/illness and injury severity. If you are in doubt err on the side of caution and refer the injured/ill employee for medical attention.
  • Where possible ensure that employees complete all sections of the Incident Report Form including corrective action, risk assessment and the control measures used as soon as possible.
  • Refer any injured employee who requires medical assessment or treatment to the Workplace Health & Safety Unit to speak with the Claims Coordinator for advice regarding workers compensation and injury.
  • Immediately contact the University's Claims Coordinator if an injured employee notifies them either verbally or via a medical certificate that they are either not fit for pre-injury duties or fit for selected duties only.

Where the employee is unfit for duties or fit for suitable duties, the Claims Coordinator will notify the Injury Management Coordinator. From this point forward in conjunction with the Injury Management Coordinator it is your responsibility to:

  • Assist the Injury Management Co-ordinator with identification and assessment of potential suitable duties for consideration as part of the injured workers return to work plan.
  • Ensure the implementation of any training and/or workplace modifications as agreed to as part of an return to work plan.
  • Monitor the injured employees’ return to work plan progress and liaise with the Injury Management Co-ordinator on a regular basis.
  • Notify the Injury Management Coordinator immediately if there is any change in the status in regards to the injured employees return to work plan.
  • Document all interactions regarding the injury management process.

To see how the injury management process works please view the injury management flow chart.