Committing to health in South Western Sydney

The Western Sydney Nursing Education and Research Centre (WeSNER) is an important part of UOW’s commitment to meeting community needs, with the South Western Sydney region seeing an increasing demand for nurses because of its rapid growth, ageing population and increasing incidence of chronic diseases.

WeSNER is a strategic focus of UOW’s Liverpool Campus, which began operating in Liverpool in January 2017, with postgraduate students commencing in March 2017 and undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing in February 2019.

WeSNER builds upon a firm foundation of UOW existing reputation for excellence in learning and teaching, research and practice. It is the University’s sixth nursing education facility, similar in size and standard to UOW’s nursing school at the Wollongong Campus.

Central to achieving the vision for the WeSNER is an innovative person-centred care approach that supports the connectivity of the School and facilitates collaborations with the local community, national stakeholders and international partners. WeSNER accommodates around 470 undergraduate and 420 postgraduate nursing students and focuses on person-centred models of csre that showcase the latest in technology, to provide authentic learning experiences for students.

WeSNER continues to...

  1. Increase the region’s capacity to meet increasing healthcare needs due to population growth, an ageing population and an increasing incidence of chronic diseases
  2. Provide nursing and healthcare education in the local community
  3. Encourage the next generation of nurses to study, work and undertake research in the Liverpool area. This will help retain registered nurses within the region.
  4. Provide world-class educational opportunities for the people of Liverpool and the Greater South West
  5. Develop further collaborative relationships at all levels for the benefit of the region
  6. Contribute to the growth of the Health and Education precinct within Liverpool, with WeSNER being in close proximity to Liverpool Hospital