Clinical care in Bega

Increasing the quality of local clinical care in Bega

The Bega Nursing Clinical Learning Facility provides benefits to the local community through quality of clinical care and health and wellbeing as the ageing of Bega’s population increases demand on the region’s health services. The $1.5 million facility located on UOW’s Bega Valley Campus was officially opened in March 2016 to provide local nursing students with the opportunity to learn and practice their skills in a variety of different settings, including a three-bed hospital ward and student support offices for careers advice, learning development and academic consultations.

With strong links to UOW’s School of Nursing within the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health, the Clinical Learning Facility will focus on educating local nursing students to be trained leaders in their field, to support the growing demand for nurses in regional areas, including Bega Valley and Southern NSW. This is facilitated by the provision of state-of-the-art equipment to provide ‘hands-on’ training for students who are able to work in smaller groups at the new facility.

Nursing students are supported through opportunities to undertake clinical placements through UOW’s partnership with the South East Regional Hospital in Bega, to further develop the critical skills needed to be a trained nurse now and in the future.

The Nursing Clinical Learning facility in Bega will

  1. Create a larger pool of potential employees locally, delivering continued economic benefits to the region
  2. Support the health and education needs of the far South Coast
  3. Provide students with state-of-the-art education in their local region

How we are delivering

  1. UOW students will undertake clinical placements within the region
  2. UOW students complete the degree on the Bega Valley campus