What we are about

What we are about

Engaging students in innovative OHS education & research:

  • Integrated and face to face teaching
  • Highly employable graduates
  • Real world applications
  • Industry alliances
  • Internationally accredited professional programs

Our vision

To create a vibrant OHS practice and research community that promotes the highest level of workplace health and safety by inspiring the next generation of OHS Professionals.


To be the leader in applied workplace health & safety research; and the preferred provider of OHS education in Australia.

Research statement

The OHS research program examines the interactions of humans within all levels of Socio-technical systems of work. The focus of our research is to protect and promote health and productivity of working groups. Our research integrates with the OHS teaching program; translating OHS theory and practice into real world applications and promising outcomes.

Our innovative and current research projects include:

  1. Workplace Evaluations
    Combined effects of environmental and work demands on human health and productivity, for example:
    • Evaluation of hydration status and heat stress on human health and productivity
    • Evaluation of health status parameters (obesity, nutrition, physical activity) on productivity
    • Assessment of systems of work and specific work demands and their effects on musculoskeletal health
  1. Respiratory Toxicology and Health Protection
    Evaluation of risk mitigation strategies on the human respiratory system, for example:
    • Efficacy of and the physiological effects of wearing respiratory protection (RPD)
    • Evaluation of workplace emission control technologies aimed at protecting worker health and improving productivity.
    • Detection and prevention of dust diseases such as Silicosis.
  1. Management of Emerging Occupational Risks
    • Respiratory health protection from exposure to Nanoparticles
    • Application of risk management techniques to Nanotechnology
  1. Product Usability Evaluations
    Examination of human/product or environment interactions, for example:
    • Aged consumers and food packaging
    • Aged care residents and their care environment
  1. WHS education evaluations
    • Evaluation of student learning in flipped delivery mode
    • Evaluation of graduate learning outcomes for improved professional practice
    • Evaluation of Professional Accreditation Systems & Graduate Outcomes