Our people

Professor Lisa Kervin

Research Director

Lisa is a Professor in Language and Literacy Education, she also serves as the Associate Dean of Research for the Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities. Lisa co-leads the “Educated Child” strand of a national Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child.  Her current research interests are focused on young children and how they engage with literate practices and she is currently involved in research projects funded by the Australian Research Council focused on adult and child interactions when using technology, young children and writing, and digital play. 

Lisa Kervin standing in the Early Start Discovery Space

Professor Marc de Rosnay

Academic Director

Marc leads transformational early childhood initiatives with the goal of improving developmental, educational, and social opportunities for vulnerable children in regional, rural and remote contexts. Marc works to translate current evidence on child development and early learning into the everyday care of children and professional practices. His research focuses on how children become socially and emotionally competent.

Staff portrait

Josef English

Manager, Discovery Space Education and Experience

Josef is a primary education professional and a UOW Alumni. He holds a Bachelor of Primary Education (Dean's Scholars) Honours Class 1 and is dedicated to constructing innovative and creative learning experiences that are relevant to the lives of young people. He is passionate about connecting with the multiliterate practices of children and embedding technology purposefully into teaching and learning. Josef has a history of engaging parents, carers, and community members in educational processes.

Josef English standing in front of trees

Dr. Elizabeth Aylward

Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) Program Manager and ESDM Certified Trainer
Early Start, University of Wollongong

Elizabeth is dedicated to educating and supporting children, families and professionals in developing socially inclusive early childhood settings. Specialising in how child development is impacted by neurodevelopmental disorders, she is a passionate advocate for building workforce capacity in staff working with children challenged by developmental delays, challenging behaviours and Autism. Elizabeth is an Australian-based ESDM Certified Trainer.  Her work providing training and support to a global audience has resulted in the prestigious approval by Emeritus Professors Sally Rogers and Geraldine Dawson to acknowledge Early Start, UOW as an official ESDM Training site. Elizabeth has completed her PhD studies in Autism Intervention and published papers in peer reviewed journals

Engagement team member Elizabeth Aylward