ACCESS researchers are internationally recognised for their work addressing these areas through critical, reflexive and generative approaches including:

  • culturally-inflected environmental research
  • urban political and economic research
  • innovative qualitative research methodologies (including qualitative GIS) and strong long-term commitments to places and communities
  • A commitment to knowing and relating to Country ethically

Our Aims

Our theoretically-informed and empirically-grounded research across these platforms, aims to make conceptual, methodological and practical contributions, through:

  • Knowledge creation, conceptual and applied insights
  • Interventions in scholarly and public debate
  • Engagement with policy makers, practitioners, industry and community groups
  • Socially-engaged methods

Our Approach

Our work is inspired by critical social theories and a commitment to progressive change for social justice and environmental responsibility, founded on a deep understanding of the relationships between people and place across geographical scales.
We work collaboratively and aim both to shed new light on issues and to highlight the views, knowledge and actions of those who may be relatively powerless to influence social life or policy.

Our Values

We seek to create positive and sustainable models of research practice. Our research practice is underpinned by a commitment to creating a caring and supportive community of scholars, and a commitment to collegiality and non-competitiveness in our work practices.

Our research culture champions equity, diversity and inclusion. Collectively we strive to create an inclusive research environment that acknowledges, supports and celebrates diversity.  This inclusive culture enables us to forge stronger connections with research participants, organisations and partners. Fostering inclusion helps us generate impactful research to address social and environmental injustices.