Eligibility definition

Defining Elite Athletes

The EAEN is accessible to all current categorised athletes and coaches, Alumni athletes and emerging and developing athletes who sit on level 1-5 on the Athlete Categorisation table for an AIS funded sport. In practice these are elite athletes engaged in training or competition at a national or international level.

It is recognised that the implementation of this policy document relies heavily on the accurate identification of athletes and coaches as being elite. Whilst the majority of elite athletes within Australia will be either their National Sporting Organisation (NSO) categorised athlete list and/or on scholarship within the network of institutes and academies of sport around Australia, there are many athletes that may fall outside of this cohort. The following strategies are suggested for identifying elite athletes and coaches studying at universities within Australia.

For athletes and coaches to access the support identified within the guiding principles outlined above, they must be identified and recognised, or be a member of one of the following organisations as an 'elite athlete or coach.'

  1. Australian Institute of Sport
  2. State Institutes or Academies of Sport
  3. AFL Players’ Association
  4. Australian Cricketers’ Association
  5. Rugby Union Players’ Association
  6. Rugby League Professionals’ Association
  7. Australian Professional Footballers’ Association
  8. Australian Basketballers Association
  9. National squad members from Sport Australia funded sports
  10. Senior/head coaches from state and territory institutes/academies of sport, national teams from Sport Australia funded sports or participating professional sports.

If an athlete falls outside of these organisations, however is still performing at a state or national level they may submit an application for consideration to the University. If necessary, The AIS can investigate, verify and make a recommendation where required to the Elite Athlete Manager.