Timetable & Classes

Timetable FAQs

So you've successfully enrolled into your subjects for your degree? The next step is enrolling into your tutorials which are your actual class times.

You will be able to select tutorials through SOLS under the link “Tutorial Enrolment” once the tutorial enrolments have opened. Opening dates and times vary for each subject – be sure to check them in advance.

Opening dates and times can be seen in SOLS once you click on the individual subject – in "Tutorial Enrolment".

Planned opening dates for your Faculty can also be found at on the tutorial opening times page.

1. My “preferred” tutorial is full

If your preferred class or tutorial is full, you will need to choose another option. However, if you have extenuating circumstances work, family commitments, or clashes with another class you will need to email your Faculty or Department contact for that subject.

2. All tutorial classes for my subject are full

If all tutorials are full you will need to contact your Faculty or Department contact to add you into a class.

3. My tutorial class clashes with another class or lecture

If there are no other available classes to choose from you will need to email your Faculty or Department contact to add you into a class or they may be able to assist you with a tutorial swap.

4. What does EDU STREAM mean?

Some lectures are recorded live or remotely by your lecturer and uploaded to the Moodle Platform becoming available for students to watch their lecture via SOLS. Your lecturer will probably discuss this, and attendance requirements, in the first lecture or on the subject outline.

5. Which classes are compulsory?

Refer to your subject outline which is generally provided via Moodle.

6. What is a Workshop/Practical/Computer Lab?

Different subjects have different types of activity requirements. Your subject timetable will specify what’s required and your lecturer will probably discuss this, and advise attendance requirements, in the first lecture or on the subject outline.

7. What happens if I cannot attend a class?

Let your lecturer or tutor know as soon as possible. They will advise you on what steps to take depending on the subject requirements and any information you have missed.

8. My Tutorial has week 2, 4, 6, 8. What does this mean?

This means your tutorial is not held in every single week, but only on these weeks. Week 1 is the first week of session. For most classes, there is no tutorial in week 1 but your subject outline will confirm this if you’re unsure.

9. What are the greyed out boxes? Do I need to select a class for these?

Anything that appears as grey is a lecture from the subject timetable - you can’t enrol in grey items in the tutorial enrolment pages. However, your Faculty or Department contact may create lecturers that you have to enrol in. These will be colour coded accordingly.

10. I am enrolled into my subject but my subject does not appear in my tutorial enrolment for me to choose a class

If you click on your tutorial enrolment and the subject does not appear this may be because the classes have not been set up as it is too early, or you may be allocated classes by staff.
Your Faculty or Department contact is the best contact point for this enquiry.

11. Why can’t I click on my class to select a time?

Is it before the first day to enrol or after the last day to enrol into a tutorial? Refer to colour coding for tutorial enrolments.
You are unable to enrol into your tutorials until the tutorial date and time has opened. Once tutorials have closed you are also unable to select a class. You will need to contact your Faculty of Department contact to add you into a class if the last date to enrol into a class has passed.


Last reviewed: 14 July, 2015