How do I get my host university exchange subjects approved for UOW credit?

Once you have aligned your subjects, you will need to seek approval from your faculty. You will be required to submit subject descriptions for the subjects you have chosen at your host university.

What if the university I would like to study at is not a UOW partner university?

If the university you choose is not a partner university with UOW you may still able to study at that institution, however you will be responsible for paying international student tuition fees. This is what is referred to as Study Abroad

Am I able to go on exchange during my final semester of undergraduate study?

It is possible to go on exchange during your final semester of undergraduate study; however, your graduation may be delayed.

How should I prepare for my interview?

In preparing for your interview, you could consider the following:

  • Why do you want to go on exchange? What made you choose your preferences? What are you expecting from your exchange experience?
  • What are your academic goals and how will exchange fit into your degree?
  • How do you expect to be able to support yourself financially?
  • Do you have any questions for the outbound programs coordinator?

Can the Office of Global Student Mobility help me with my visa application?

The Office of Global Student Mobility cannot give advice on visa applications – the best point of contact is always the Consulate of your host country in Australia. Your host university will give you advice on the recommended visa.

Do specific universities offer any type of funding?

Some host universities offer scholarships for students. Students will be notified when these are available at their host university. More information is available on the UOW website.

How do I choose a short course that suits my degree?

If you are learning a language, short courses are a great way to improve by immersing yourself in the culture and society of your chosen language. When deciding on a short course it is important to consider if the program offers subjects or field experience that is similar to UOW subjects if you are seeking credit for your program.

Can I undertake a short course that is not listed on the UOW exchange website?

If you find a short course not listed on our webpage, you may still be able to participate in it. However, students undertaking a self-sourced program does so at their own risk as the program has not been risk assessed by UOW. It is therefore recommended you undertake a program offered by our Third Party Partners or Partner Universities.

What are the deadlines for submitting a short course application?

Each short course has a different deadline. Please read the deadline of your short course application carefully.

There are no deadlines for UOW short course applications unless a student wishes to be considered for a UOW travel grant.

Do short course dates line up with our semester breaks at UOW?

Not all short course opportunities overseas run in the UOW semester breaks. It is your responsibility to confirm the session dates and ensure that the dates do not overlap with UOW session or exam dates.

Do I need to meet certain criteria to be eligible for a short course?

All students are able to apply for a short course. To qualify for participation in a short course you must be enrolled in a course at UOW and have approval from your faculty if you wish to receive credit. Each program has slightly different criteria for participating, please ensure you meet these before applying.

If I have failed a subject, am I still able to apply for a short course?

Yes, you may be able to. All short courses have different application criteria so you may still be eligible.

Am I limited to the number of short courses that I can do?

No, you are welcome to undertake as many short courses as you choose with approval from your faculty.  You are only able to receive a maximum of two OS-Help loans in your lifetime, and credit approval is at the discretion of your faculty.

Can I participate in a short course without receiving academic credit?

Yes, your faculty can approve your participation in the program with no credit awarded.

Am I able to go on a short course after the completion of my degree?

No, short courses are only available for students currently enrolled at a university.

How much does it cost to go on a short course?

Fees differ in relation to the type of program you undertake. Partner university short courses may offer program discounts or fee waivers to UOW students. However, each program has a different cost associated with it, and is generally paid directly to the program provider.

Do I need to pay any fees to UOW for a short course program?

If you participate in a partner university short course you will be charged tuition fees. You will be billed for the number of credit points in the faculty that ‘owns’ your UOW degree. These tuition fees may be deferred to HECS. For other programs, you are not charged tuition fees at UOW, only the program fee which is payable directly to the provider.

If I currently receive Centrelink Youth Allowance, will it continue while I am abroad?

Yes, most students are still eligible to receive current Youth Allowance payments from Centrelink whilst on your short course program.

Do specific programs offer any type of funding?

Some universities offer fee waivers for UOW students, these can be found on the host university website. Some short course programs may also offer travel grants.

Can I receive UOWX recognition for going on a short course?

Yes, you can elect to receive UOWx recognition on your short course report. You must answer three additional questions at the bottom of your report to reflect on the learning and skill development that occurred on your program.

Can I receive an International Studies Minor for going on a short course?

Unfortunately, you can only receive an International Studies Minor for an exchange program.