The Wollongong University Postgraduate Association (WUPA) aims to promote and defend the interests of all postgraduate students. WUPA is situated in Building 19. WUPA offices are shared with WUSA and the Advocacy Office.

Membership of WUPA is available to all University of Wollongong postgraduate students. All postgraduate students automatically have access to representative and professional advocacy services provided by WUPA; however, WUPA offers extra services and benefits for financial members.

WUPA has a 13 member council elected by the postgraduate student body each year. It is made up of 5 general representatives and 8 office bearers. The office bearers are the President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Activities Officer, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student's Officer, International Officer, Media Officer, and Women's Officer. The term of office is one year from election. WUPA council meets once a month in its meeting room in building 19.

The services provided for financial members at WUPA's Resource Centre include:

  •  Multilingual computers (iMacs & PCs)                                    
  •  Cheap photocopying (5 cents/page)
  •  Free laser printing (if you bring your own paper) or 2.5 cents/page
  •  TV, video, overhead projector & satellite
  •  Kitchen, microwave & fridge
  •  Free tea/coffee

Other Services provided by WUPA for all postgraduates include:

  •  5 free BBQs per year & 2 functions/parties
  •  Free confidential advice and support from our Advocacy Officer for students who have complaints or grievances against university policy or procedures (e.g. appeals, university administration, lecturers/supervisors etc)
  •  Momentum – International student mentoring program
  •  Emergency student loans Submissions in response to government & university policies that affect postgraduates (in 2008 this included a submission on ‘The Impact of Voluntary Student Unionism on Services, Amenities and Representation for Australian University Students’)
  •  Affiliation to the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA), which is the national body that represents some 155,000 students. WUPA also hosts some regional and national meetings of postgraduate students

For further information contact WUPA on + 61 2 4221 5396 or email.

Last reviewed: 11 May, 2017

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