Job On Campus FAQs

After I have completed the JOC process, am I guaranteed a job on campus?

No. Applying for jobs on campus is the same as applying for jobs off campus. Once you’ve been invited to join the talent pool, you will need to follow the application processes stated in the Job Alert and undertake some form of merit based selection process.

Why is the JOC process so long? I really don’t have time to do it all.

The JOC process can be described as comprehensive (rather than long). Its purpose is not to take up all of your time or to make you pace through a number of irrelevant activities, instead the JOC process is designed to gift you with the necessary skills and knowledge required to create a job application that will increase your chances of securing a role and to obtain a better understanding of what is expected of you as professional within the workplace.

Furthermore, JOC is designed to expose you to real world recruitment and selection processes, which depending on the role, organisation, or industry you’re applying to be a part of, are in themselves both long and comprehensive.

Will I get paid if I am successful in obtaining a job on campus?

All positions through JOC are paid, however for some roles payment may be in the form of gift vouchers.

How many jobs are available through the JOC program?

The number of jobs available at any given time varies, so once you’re a part of the talent pool it is important to keep checking your UOW email on a regular basis for Job Alerts to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity.

Are jobs on campus available outside of session?

Yes, work is available all year round. Some positions offer work only during semester, whereas others will not have work available across the entire year.

How long will I generally be employed for?

Positions vary in length with some only being for a couple of days, and others being for a full semester. Position length will always be explained in the job advertisement.

I am an international student, will that affect my application?

No. International students are welcome to apply to any position as long as they meet the selection criteria the employers are looking for. It is important to remember, though, that international students are limited to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during semester.