Psychometric testing

Psychometric testing

Psychometric testing is an additional source of information employers can use to assist them with recruitment decisions. Psychometric testing results are unlikely to be used in on their own. Results will usually be considered in conjunction with other information: interview, behavioural assessment, academic results etc.

Types of psychometric tests include:

  • Mental reasoning/aptitude tests: numerical, verbal, abstract/spatial reasoning
  • Personality inventory/assessments
  • Motivational fit
  • Emotional intelligence, sometimes known as emotional quotient (EQ)

 Methods of testing:

  • Online or written multiple choice of preferential scale tests
  • Gamified tests: Candidates engage in online games, with opportunities to make decisions, solve problems, show initiative etc

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Practice psychometric testing

Whilst you cannot study for psychometric tests, you can practice psychometric testing to get an idea of what to expect. Below are several links to commonly used psychometric tests: