Modelling and analysis

Modelling and analysis

Members of the Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry work with a variety of models applied to problems at local, regional and global scales. We study the emissions, atmospheric chemistry and transport pathways of atmospheric trace gases and aerosols from natural and anthropogenic origins. We are interested in understanding the atmospheric composition of Australia and the Southern Hemisphere, and use the models to interpret ground-based and satellite measurements of diverse species.

Contacts: Dr Jenny Fisher, Dr Nicholas Deutscher


GEOS-Chem is a global, 3-D chemical transport model that now can also be run as a regional model for Australia. It is driven by meteorological fields from the NASA Goddard Earth Observing System and includes a state-of-the-science description of trace gas and bulk aerosol sources, sinks, and chemistry. Current GEOS-Chem projects include:

  • Understanding the impact of long-range pollution transport on the Australian atmosphere
  • Constraining the emissions and chemistry of biogenic volatile organic compounds in Australia
  • Interpreting shipborne measurements of trace gases from circumnavigation of Australia
  • Understanding the biogeochemical cycling of mercury in Australia and the Southern Ocean
  • Using GEOS-Chem to contribute to the development of the ACCESS Earth System Model.

Contact: Dr Jenny Fisher