Vice Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow
Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry
University of Wollongong

Room G21, Building 18, Northfields Avenue
Wollongong, NSW 2522, Australia
+61 2 4221 5484

Research Overview
My research centres on investigating the sources, chemical evolution, and transport pathways of atmospheric pollution. I use a global chemical transport model combined with observational data sets (ground-based, aircraft, and satellite) to increase our fundamental understanding of the impacts of human activity and natural processes on atmospheric composition in diverse environments. [CV]

Contact me: jennyf [at]


Prospective students:

Current opportunity for non-UOW undergrads: Apply for a summer scholarship to research what drives ozone air pollution in Australia. Applications due 25 September.

I am always open to enquiries from students interested in undergraduate, honours, or PhD research and typically have a number of possible projects in mind. Previous experience with computer programming is useful but not necessary. If you are a prospective student with a background in chemistry, earth science, environmental science, math, physics, or computer science and have an interest in atmospheric modelling, send me an email! Other opportunities in the Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry can be found at

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