We offer the following routine mass spectrometry services:

  • Low Resolution (EI, GC/MS, ESI)
  • High Resolution (EI, ESI, ASAP)

Specialist Tandem MS, LC/MS services available on request.

Our group has been providing a low resolution services since early 1992 and we have considerable experience in dealing with complex or more difficult samples. We also have extensive experience with inorganic compounds.

Please contact Celine Kelso (Wed-Thu, or any day via email) for more information on the services we offer and at what cost and on how to proceed to get your samples analysed.

Dr Celine Kelso (Tue-Fri)
MS Facility Manager
School of Chemistry

P: (02) 4221 3501 or 4221 5943
F: (02) 4221 4287

Postal Address:
Dr Celine Kelso
University of Wollongong
School of Chemistry
Wollongong NSW 2522