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COP 28, Dubai

At COP28 in Dubai, world leaders will come together at a critical moment in global transformative action to collaborate on solutions to combat climate change. Our agenda for sustainable development directly aligns with the COP28 vision, putting UOW at the forefront of climate research and moving the world from agreement to action.

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The University of Wollongong is proud to showcase our leading climate experts and their contributions to addressing the global climate crisis.

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Pioneering Green Hydrogen for Net-Zero Emissions

Green hydrogen is crucial for net-zero emissions, Hysata is a company spun out of UOW research to commercialise breakthrough Australian hydrogen electrolyser technology. Hysata's game changing and efficient electrolyser technology converts electrical energy into hydrogen sustainably. The Hysata team is dedicated to leading the green hydrogen industry's transformation globally.

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Green Hydrogen is a must-have for reaching net zero emissions it's the key energy carrier we need to decarbonise the hard to electrify sectors such as steel, chemicals, industrial heat, and heavy transport. Green hydrogen will grow to the size of today's natural gas industry delivering 15 percent of emissions reductions we need to get the net-zero mission is to accelerate the shift away from fossil fuels by delivering the world's most efficient simple and reliable electrolyser this presents both a challenge but also a huge opportunity [Music] Hysata's electrolyser is built off game-changing technology developed at the University of Wollongong, commercialising an entirely new category of electrolyser capillary fed electrolysis. I live for the "a ha" moments and the discovery of the capillary fed cell was one of those moments with its ultra high system efficiency in low capex Hysata will deliver the world's lowest cost green hydrogen for one million ton per annum green hydrogen production facility our initialisers will say produces around three billion dollars in renewables, capex deficiency is the key to getting a low levelised cost of hydrogen. This electrolyzer can convert electrical energy into chemical energy in the form of hydrogen twenty percent more efficiently than other systems on the market when powered by renewables the hydrogen produced is green sustainable and emissions free. Hysata has assembled a world-class engineering team to build a modular mass manufacturable stack and a dramatically simplified balance of plant we are proud to have built an incredible team of innovators and excited to be developing the most efficient electrolyser in the world. Our people and culture are central to our success and we've created a home for exceptional talent, we're incredibly proud of what we've achieved to date it's great to be part of a values-driven company with such a strong culture and mission to transform the global green hydrogen industry Hysata will transform the green hydrant industry and become the world's leading electrolyser manufacturer, and an era defining company run a clear path to multi-gigawatt manufacturing capacity which will make a major impact on reducing Global emissions [Music]

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