HDR scholarship information

Please be aware applications for Australian Government Research Training Program Awards (AGRTP's) and University Postgraduate Award (UPA) close on the 3rd of October each year.

HDR scholarship information

There are a range of research scholarships and awards available for eligible full-time HDR research students at UOW. These scholarships include annual stipends, living allowances and tuition fee costs.

Scholarship opportunities are provided to support current and new HDR students at UOW and are available to both Domestic and International students.

In addition to UOW scholarship opportunities there are discipline specific and industry based scholarships made available to Domestic and International HDR students.

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The UOW Research Career Launch Scholarships are designed to jump start careers of young researchers by supporting them after the submission of their thesis.

UOW Australian Government Reseach Training Program (AGRTP) and University Postgraduate Award (UPA) holders, who have not exhausted all of their scholarship stipend payments, will be allowed to continue being paid their scholarship stipend from thesis submission to thesis acceptance.

The scholarship will assist the candidate to remain at the University during the examination process which will be helpful if, as is common, the examiners require corrections or changes to the thesis. The scheme will also assist the writing and submission of publications at the time when the author is most familiar with the work and in the best position to write them.

Launch Scholarships can be used for research training activities such as publication writing and submission, thesis revisions, conference attendance and research career development.


UOW AGRTP/UPA scholarships holders, who have not consumed all of their scholarship entitlements (3.5 years for a doctorate, 2 years for a masters) at the time of submission of their HDR thesis.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Applications must be made at the time of thesis submission and must be supported by the student's HDR supervisor, who must be willing to supervise for the period of the Launch Scholarship
  2. The application must be made on the appropriate form and must include a study plan and timetable of activities to be undertaken during the tenure of the scholarship.
  3. The scholarship will provide funding between the thesis submission and thesis acceptance, as long as a scholarship entitlement is still available.
  4. Applicants must be enrolled as an HDR candidate at the University of Wollongong during the scholarship term, including the thesis examination period.
  5. Students are required to declare they will remain at UOW and work full-time for the duration of the examination process or, until their scholarship is due to expire, as well as maintaining appropriate levels of contact with their supervisor/s.

How to Apply: Application Form

For more information contact Graduate Research School

All requests for scholarship suspension must be made in writing to the Manager in the Graduate Research School.  All requests must be approved by the student’s supervisor.

Requests for suspension take approximately 10 working days to process.

When you wish to recommence your studies and reactive your stipend payments, you must advise the Graduate Research School again in writing with your supervisor's approval.

All students should check their Conditions of Award for eligibility

All requests for leave must be made in writing to the Manager, Graduate Research School. All requests must be approved by the student’s supervisor.

Requests for sick leave must be accompanied by a Doctor's certificate.

Requests for leave take approximately 10 working days to process.

All students should check their conditions of award for eligibility.

You can change your bank account details via the Web Kiosk, at the following address:

If you are unable to access the Web Kiosk, please contact your relevant Student Management Officer. Contact details for Student Management Officers can be found here 

For AGRTP/UPA scholarship holders, the annual stipend increment is payable from 1 January each year. Annual increments will not be processed if you have not submitted your annual progress report.

Matching scholarship holders will receive their annual stipend increase on the anniversary of the start date of the scholarship.

Higher Degree Research scholarship stipends are not generally incremented. Supplementary scholarship holders should refer to their Supervisor for enquiries regarding stipend increases.

Any enquiries regarding stipend rates and payments can be made via the Web Kiosk. If you are unable to access the Web Kiosk, please contact your relevant Student Management Officer. Contact details for Student Management Officers can be found here