Project Air has developed an integrated set of resources to assist consumers living with a personality disorder, their families, partners and carers, health professionals and educators.

Resources for consumers and their families, partners & carers include fact sheets, consumer lived experience stories & videos. The information provided in our fact sheets is of a general nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances and physical and/or mental status/wellbeing. Specific advice should always be sought from an appropriately qualified professional person.

Project Air also provides a comprehensive set of resources which have been developed to assist health professionals working with people with complex trauma, self-harm and personality disorder, and to assist schools better recognise and respond to young people with complex mental health problems.

These resources include a new guidelines, fact sheets, train the trainer resources and videos which aim assist teachers, school counsellors and health staff to better recognise and respond to young people with complex mental health problems, including self-harm, suicide, trauma and emerging borderline personality disorder.

Most of these resources are freely available for download however please note that they are copyright protected and should not be altered in any way. Further enquiries to

Resources for purchase include training DVDs, therapy cards, manuals & guidelines and posters.