Dr Noel Cressie

CEI Director and Distinguished Professor
Room 39C.264
Phone: 02 4221 5076
Email: ncressie@uow.edu.au

Dr Matt Moores

Room 39C.154
Phone: 02 4298 1358
Email: mmoores@uow.edu.au

Dr Xiaotian Zheng

Research Fellow
Room 39C.270
Phone: 02 4239 2009
Email: xzheng@uow.edu.au

Dr Yi Cao

Honorary Research Fellow 
Email: ycao@uow.edu.au

Dr Andrew Zammit Mangion

CEI Deputy Director and Associate Professor
Room 39C.171
Phone: 02 4221 5112
Email: azm@uow.edu.au

Dr David Gunawan

Room 39C.164
Phone: 02 42394067
Email: dgunawan@uow.edu.au

Dr Bohai Zhang

Honorary Research Fellow
School of Statistics and Data Science, Nankai University, China
Email: bohaizhang@nankai.edu.cn

Huy Anh (Kevin) Dinh

IT Technical Officer
(Software engineering; computer system/software design)
Room 39C.261
Phone: 02 4221 3972
Email: hdinh@uow.edu.au

Dr Sumeetpal Sidhu Singh

TIBRA Foundation Chair and Professor
Room 39C.268
Phone: 02 4239 4508
Email: sumeetpals@uow.edu.au

Dr Michael Bertolacci

Senior Research Fellow
Room 39C.265
Phone: 02 4239 2388
Email: michael_bertolacci@uow.edu.au

Dr James Ng

Honorary Research Fellow
School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Email: ngja@tcd.ie

Karin Karr

Administrative Assistant
Room 39C.263
Phone: 02 4221 5076
Email: karink@uow.edu.au