Andy sitting  sitting a a table with the Sydney Opera house in the background

Meet Head of Students at Sydney CBD Campus, Dr Andy Wang

Meet Head of Students at Sydney CBD Campus, Dr Andy Wang

Could you introduce yourself and provide an overview of the student service, events/workshops you offer to our students?

I am the Head of Students (Postgraduate) at the Sydney CBD campus. In this role, I provide academic advice and approvals for credit for prior learning (CPL), leave of absence (LOA), reduced study load (RSL) or late withdrawal from subjects; subject or course changes; waivers or substitutes as needed for domestic and international students etc.

What steps do you recommend students to take to prepare themselves before seeking your assistance?

My first suggestion is to check out the Sydney Business School, UOW Student Handbook Moodle site. It includes essential information such as upcoming academic workshops, key contact details, available student support services, study sequences, a list of allowed elective subjects etc. Students are strongly encouraged to check the information on that Moodle site first before contacting HoSTs.

My second suggestion is to bookmark essential sites such as university key dates, the relevant handbook site of a student’s program, and the student forms to familiarise themselves with appropriate forms and required documentation.

In order to minimise the likelihood of encountering issues that necessitate your services, what proactive measures can students take?

There are always solutions and suggestions for students’ enquiries if these are provided before the Census date. Failing to enrol in subjects or receive academic approvals before the Census date would significantly affect international student visa holders.

When advising students who are facing difficulties, what guidance or suggestions do you provide to help them minimise stress and maintain an effective learning experience?

Please find your strength and motivation to contact someone in your support system. It could be your friends and family members. However, please also utilise all available support services for UOW students. At UOW, we are more than happy to help, but we can only do so when students are willing to reach out to us first.

How do you typically spend your leisure time outside of work?

I love ice skating - a lifelong passion developed from my childhood when growing up in wintry Northern China. From now and then, I often go to a local ice rink to have fun and enjoy a feeling of freedom on the ice. It is a thrilling and exhilarating experience when gliding across the ice surface. Also, I made a few new friends with the same passion.