UOW PhD Student Zia Qazi Zada

Q&A: Get to know UOW PhD Student Zia Qazi Zada

Q&A: Get to know UOW PhD Student Zia Qazi Zada

Zia Qazi Zada is currently pursuing their PhD at the University of Wollongong, specialising in food security and supply chains. They completed both their bachelor's and master's degrees in Malaysia.

What is the specific area of interest for your doctoral research?

I am currently researching food security and supply chain management within the framework of international trade law. Food, being an inherent human right aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 2, holds significant importance as its scarcity carries severe consequences with various aspects of individuals’ lives. Within the framework of international law, my research will explore various issues within the World Trade Organisation Agreements, and will examine how international trade can effectively mitigate challenges related to food security and supply chain disruptions.

What are the research questions that you aim to seek to answer? 

In light of the pressing issues of food security and supply chain, I will attempt to answer how international trade system can effectively address the global challenges pertaining to food security and supply chain. By examining trade-related factors that contribute to food insecurity, and disrupted supply chains, in developing and least developing countries, my research aims to propose potential solutions. Additionally, the role of the World Trade Organisation and multilateral trade agreements will be looked at by navigating complexities of trade policies and market access limitations to come up with appropriate policy recommendations to strengthen supply chains and promote sustainable food security.

Why do you want to pursue a PhD?  

I aspire to establish myself in academia as a lecturer upon completion of my PhD at UOW. Pursuing a PhD aligns with my goal of deepening my understanding of the subject matter, contributing to the existing body of knowledge, and proposing solutions that can have a positive impact on people’s lives.  Specifically, I aim to address the critical issues surrounding food security and supply chain management at an international level. By conducting research, I aim to enhance my understanding of these complex challenges and offer practical solutions that can improve the well-being of individuals and communities. Through my work in academia, I hope to inspire and educate students, while working actively towards positive change in the field.

Why did you want to pursue your PhD at UOW?

University of Wollongong is listed in the world's top 1% of universities and among Australia's top ten. In the Excellence in Research for Australia National Report, 90% of Wollongong's research was ranked at or above the world standard, making it the most desirable place for me to further my studies. Moreover, being supervised by a top researcher and academician, such as Associate Professor Markus Wagner, will be invaluable in deepening my knowledge and equipping me to achieve my goals and make contributions in the area that I am researching.

To what extent does your educational and professional background prepare you for the work that lies ahead in your doctoral thesis?  

I have completed my master’s studies on antidumping law in developing countries, with special reference to Afghanistan, which provided me with a foundation on international law. I have worked in various capacities, including serving as a research assistant, teaching part-time as a tutor, and working as an assistant in an editorial law journal. I believe these experiences will be instrumental in supporting my future wok in academia.