A group of Indigenous people are performing a smoking ceremony outdoors on the University of Wollongong campus during the Welcome to Wollongong event.

Message to students

Message to students

Dear Students, welcome to another week!  I hope all of you continue to take advantage of the many activities held on our campuses.

Since in this part of Australia, most days are still warm and sunny until late April, our university’s lawns and benches are full of people listening to live music, doing yoga, reading, chatting and forming lasting connections.  

Welcome to Wollongong evening was a success! 

The last week was eventful at our Wollongong campus, as we held our official Welcome to Wollongong event for international students – the first one after a three-year break. Over 250 people gathered in the stunning foyer of the Jillian Broadbent Building, and the energy and excitement were palpable. I was joined by the Wollongong Lord Mayor, Gordon Bradbery AM in greeting everyone – it was an honour to be a part of this special day. If you want to search for your face in the crowd,

I hope all of our students here at the University of Wollongong enjoy and appreciate the richness of diversity across our campuses, with students from all over the world joining us at UOW, sharing with us their culture and experiences. We welcome all of our international students and hope they enjoy their time with us. 

Scholarship opportunities 

On Wednesday, I was delighted to celebrate . Despite their young age, these students are already so mature in their views and values. This year, for the first time, we have two students from South Western Sydney and two proudly identifying as Indigenous. I am looking forward to witnessing the journey of exploration and transformation their UOW experience will take them on. 

At UOW, we offer a range of scholarships to both domestic and international students at an undergraduate and postgraduate level. Please check of scholarships to see if there’s a program that could support you and your unique needs.  

Go Belong and Go Live 

Let me remind you that our inaugural It’s Go Time program means that you will never miss out on orientation again – because now it lasts for the entire Autumn session. This week, we’re kicking off Let’s Go Succeed, a weekly guide to succeeding both in the classroom and at life. You’ll be able to improve your skills in everything from time management and coping with stress to essay writing and class presentations. Don’t miss these extremely useful ongoing sessions at the Student Hub called Peer Success Coaching Survival Sessions (12.30 – 1.30 pm, every Tuesday - Friday until 6 April).  

Your Succeed checklist 

  1. Check you have completed all three compulsory modules, 
  2. Do the Get Started Snapshot tool, 
  3. Find out your digital strengths and identify learning goals through the Digital Skills Hub, 
  4. Check out the  for tools, resources and support designed to help you succeed and support your learning, 
  5. Join one of many Go Succeed events.  

Join a club and get busy networking 

As one of the international students recently told me, getting to know people is the most fundamental part of the student experience (especially if you’re new to uni life or you’ve come to Australia from abroad). Meeting people when buying coffee or groceries is nice, but finding your real tribe is so much easier when you can connect with like-minded students who share your passions. There is no better way to find them than by joining one of UOW’s incredible clubs and societies.  

Whether you're into academics, culture, sports, music or cooking, UOW has you covered. There are over 120 clubs and societies to choose from – you can join one or many. There's the Accounting Society, Engineering Society and Law Students’ Society for those interested in aligning their social life with their studies. For those who want to explore different cultures, Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Filipino Society and Indigenous Students' Association are just a few examples. For thrill-seekers, there's Surfing Club, UOW Cycling Club and Outdoor Adventure Club. Social butterflies can join Wine and Beer Appreciation Society, Music Society and UOW Community Garden Club. Future activists can join Australian Youth Climate Coalition or Debating Society. And for those with unique interests, there's Anime and Manga Society or Bubble Tea Society.  

Still not sure where you belong? Check UOW Clubs for more information. 

UOW Graduate Careers Expo is back 

For those of you nearing the end of your studies, I have great news – the Graduate Care is coming to campus on Tuesday 21 March to guide you in your career choices, help to make connections with potential employers and give you the tools to shine during any job interview. This is a great opportunity to network with industry contacts and receive expert career advice from our amazing team at  A photographer will be available on the day, so you can get the perfect LinkedIn headshot too (registration necessary).

Lastly, happy International Women’s Day 

As the University of Wollongong’s first female Vice-Chancellor, I want to take a moment to cheer on the incredible contributions and achievements of women from our UOW community, both past and present. I love this quote from Michelle Obama: “No one told me I could do it”, and I want to remind all of you who identify as women that I wholeheartedly believe you can achieve anything you want. Please check of our UOW student, mum and advocate for neurodiverse learners, Lara, who is in her final year of neuroscience course at UOW College and is preparing to take entrance exams later this year. Big congratulations to Lara! 

I hope you all have plenty of great UOW experiences this week.  

My best,